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Audit and Assurance

Auditing and Assurance services facilitate in ensuring the fairness of financials statements and help to understand and manage the key controls risk involved in business cycles

N&A conduct statutory audits and other audits and issue reports required for statutory purposes.

We are looking forward to provide below mentioned services to our prospective clients.

Statutory Audit including audits of

  • Private Sector/Public Sector

  • Branches of public sector banks/central and branch audit of regional

  • Audit of Indian branch/liaison office of foreign companies

  • Insurance companies

  • Educational institutions

  • Financial statements prepared under US GAAP

  • Educational institutions

  • Urban Local bodies

  • Co- operative departments ( Co- operative banks)

  • Charitable trusts/ Societies

  • Members of stock exchanges

  • Audit bureau of circulations

  • Audit under VAT/CST Act

  • Audit of bank borrowers

Concurrent Audit

The current audit is essentially a management process integral to the establishment of sound internal audit to preclude the incidence of serious errors and fraudulent manipulations.

N&A can assist you in carrying out the concurrent audit and to check whether the transactions or decisions are within the policy parameters laid down by the company and also to ensure that transactions do not violate the instructions or policy prescriptions of the company.

Special Audits including

  • Revenue assurance audit

  • NPA audit

  • Stock audit

  • Quality audit

  • Energy audit

  • Environmental accounting

  • Third Party Audit


  • For Tax purposes

  • Under 195

  • Under companies act

  • Netwoth Certificate

  • Any other type of certification required by statute

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